Additional Counseling Services

Traditional counseling services are utilized with a diagnosed mental illness. Sometimes counseling is helpful in other situations, hopefully for the short term. Our team of professionals have advanced training and certifications to get through the hardships you face today for the hope of a better tomorrow.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is a comprehensive approach to thinking about educational goals and preparation for desired careers. This can be helpful for high school students and young adults, but can be utilized at any age where schooling is sought after.

Executive Business Coaching

Our senior providers are highly skilled and come to Pure Counseling PLLC with a minimum of 10 years of experience, including certifications as a Certified Business Solutions Professional (CBSP), expertise in executive leadership and supervision, and offer highly focused plans to enhance your career. Going from an employee to middle management, or from middle management to executive leadership, is typically not an overnight process. We have worked with top engineers at Ford Motor Company, middle managers in two Fortune 500 finance companies, start-up companies working in green energy, and countless other industries and occupations.

As you look to move up in your career, it can be helpful to increase your effectiveness in the boardroom by speaking effectively and with purpose. While a promotion can be rewarding and exciting, this is the time to learn to be an effective supervisor, improve team meetings, and understanding and work through cultural differences. In the end, we can help balancing work and family, working through self-imposed restraints, prioritizing and scheduling your time, and improving your health and well-being so you can be a focused, relaxed, and successful leader.

Geriatric & End of Life Counseling

Are you retiring, looking at living on a fixed income, perhaps moving out of your home for additional care? Getting older can bring concerns about family, relationships, social life, and even finances. Some older adults have a harder time with the issues related to the aging process. Chronic medical problems and end of life topics are common concerns for many elderly people. Pure Counseling, PLLC counselors have worked for years in the field of gerontological counseling to help our patients and their families better understand what to expect from the aging and disease process and customize our treatment options to improve your overall quality of life. Our counselors have doctoral level training in the current research of psychological, biological, and social changes in older people as they age. We partner with multiple local and national non-profit organizations to advocate for your rights, and to respect your religious, spiritual, or other final wishes for peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Grief & Loss Counseling

The death of a loved one, or a significant or imminent loss within one’s own life can lead to numerous emotions. While grief is a painful and natural process, many people seek counseling to cope with the effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Death and our own mortality is still a taboo topic in our society, and it can be difficult to work through the roller coaster of emotions and thoughts. Pure Counseling PLLC counselors utilize traditional Motivational Interviewing and Existential Therapy techniques to help you through this process. Your counselor may also give you or your child hand-outs and resources to help between sessions.

Job Coaching

Job coaching encompasses everything job seekers need to get employers to hire. Our experts have years of experience teaching clients to write outstanding resumes and cover letters. Our tailored workshops include “Getting The Most Out Of Your Interview”, and “LinkedIn 101”, where you can learn what employers and recruiters are looking for.

Career and vocational counseling generally focuses on career exploration, career changes, career development, and other career related issues. Our counseling professionals can support clients through major career decisions through vocational and personality assessments, and projected economic data on most occupations.

Marriage & Family Counseling

Couples, married or not, can sometimes face issues that are difficult to sort out on their own. Whether it is working with a couple on communication or intimacy, we can help address the root of the problems and teach you skills to achieve your goals.  

Family counseling can be particularly helpful in addressing child discipline, blended families (step or half children). Our therapists are trained to account for a holistic perspective of each individual and their role in the family unit.

Small Business Consulting

Perhaps you are getting started with your own company, or work at a small business. Getting off to a great start and maintaining that passion and momentum is the key to success. Whether you need help creating a personal and value-driven vision or mission for your company, learning how to free up your precious time to take on new projects or business, or are simply looking for helpful resources, Pure Counseling PLLC can help. Our Certified Business Solutions Professionals (CBSP) look at a business just like a doctor sees a patient and determine where the business “hurts” and act as a consultant to identify and sort through challenges, overcome barriers, and help your company focus on the path to success.

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